Character: calne ca

骸音シーエ (Karune Shiie, Calne Ca)
Maeda Koutarou's original character.
Her name is a pun of "Ca (calcium)."

She has one red mechanical eye on the left, and both of her legs are twisted metal. Her right arm is made of the same twisted metal, her left is elongated bone starting just below the shoulder. And, most notably, metal finger-like protrusions sit under her face in place of a bottom jaw. She sometimes has an isopod in her hair which she calls "Nato-kun".
The amount of mechanical parts may vary depending on the illustration. In some images, she is completely humanoid.
Her true form is a mechanical skeleton called "Ca (calcium)."

A variation of her with more insectoid features appears in the video Saikin Osen -Bacterial Contamination-.

She often cosplays Hatsune Miku and appears in Vocaloid videos, but should not be confused for a Vocaloid character.
(partially copied from Danbooru)
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