Character: chi lian

Chilian (officially translated as "Crimson Lotus", Chinese: 赤练; pinyin: chì liàn): Aka "Chiliannv (Chinese: 赤练女; pinyin: chì liàn nǚ)". The right-hand woman to Wei Zhuang and once Princess Honglian (means "Red Lotus", Chinese: 红莲; pinyin: hóng lián) of the Han Kingdom. She was to marry to the Han general Ji Wuye, due to his request to the Han Emperor. She planned to assassinate Ji Wuye on their wedding but failed. Ji Wuye had nearly killed her but Wei Zhuang saved her. She almost never leaves Wei Zhuang's side, and is very much in love with him (it's said her name is a pun for "Selfless love"). She uses a snake sword (a present from Wei Zhuang). She can also freely control snakes and vipers. Her hypnosis skill "Fiery Enchantment" is what caused Gao Yue to have the mistaken belief that Ge Nie killed her father. She enjoys using any tricks in fighting and is willing to sacrifice herself to win (basically for Wei Zhuang's sake). When the former Han kingdom was destroyed Wei Zhuang promised her that one day he will give back a better Han Kingdom to her.
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