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Miscellaneous tips and tricks

These should help you get around the site faster.

  • Click the small square after each headers at the top of every page ("My Account", "Comments", etc.) opens up a menu showing some of pages under that section.
  • Hovering over an image will bring up a tooltip showing the score and the tags in alphabetical order. Holding the shift key down while hovering brings up a larger box that shows more information.
  • Click on the resolution bar underneath each post to go directly to the full size image. If the original is a PNG file, it'll take you to the jpegged version.
  • Hovering over the resolution bar also highlights the bars of the posts uploaded by the same user on that page. This only works in the index, not on pool pages.
  • Passing your mouse over the tags in the index on the left hand side also highlights the bars of posts on that page that also have that tag.
  • The black bar with a red star is used for images that have more than 1500 pixels on each side. Below that, a gray bar with a black star is used. The fewer of these you upload, the better.
  • The "edit tag" mode (access by choosing from the drop down box on the left hand side in the index after turning on "Advanced Editing" in your settings) allows you to edit posts without having to load the entire page. You can change the rating, add to a pool, change a tag type and add a parent (if there isn't one already) quickly.
  • Use the tag script: More at howto:tag scripts.
  • Posts per page: the default is 16, but you can change this by adding "limit:nnn" to your search. It works for all numbers between 1 and 1000. Please only use this if you are using it with a tag script because it creates unnecessary load on the server.
  • Find similar: this will show you similar looking posts, so you may be able to find artist tags and other info that you didn't know before. On every post page, there is a "Find similar" link in the bottom left corner. This will show you similar looking results on Danbooru, Konachan, e-Shuushuu and Gelbooru. There are other useful sites out there that are also searched by the same tool-- go to http://iqdb.org/ and enter in the sample image on the post page into the source URL and click search. Because the "find similar" tool is integrated directly into Yande.re's interface, it will blacklist posts from the other two sites that contain your blacklisted tags. The Multi-service image search will not.
  • "Edit Tags": If you are going to upload several posts with the same tag ("tagme" or "pool:123" for example), you can save time by having these available to you each time you edit or upload so that you can toggle them instead of typing. Go to "My Account" > "Settings" and enter in all the tags you want with spaces in between and hit save.
  • If you're looking for something new, try searching "order:random".
More tagging-specific details at tagging tips.
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