Before you attempt to tag anything, read:

Basics of tagging

  • You may edit tags while you are uploading a post, or by clicking "edit" while viewing a post.
  • When uploading, please try to make an attempt to tag at least one artist or copyright tag on the image. If you do not know the artist of the image, tag it with tagme.
  • The “related tags” buttons below the edit box returns the 25 most commonly used tags of certain types used in conjunction with the tag(s) currently in the edit box. You can use this to verify that you have spelled your tag correctly if you are not creating a new one. “Related characters” returns character-type tags, “related artists” for artists, etc. “Related tags” returns all six types of tags, not just general.
  • “Edit Tags”: If you are going to upload several posts with the same tag (tagme or pool:123 for example), you can save time by having these available to you each time you edit or upload so that you toggle them instead of typing. Go to “My Account” > “Settings” and enter in all the tags you want with spaces in between and hit save.
  • After you click save changes, take a moment to verify that you tagged the image correctly. The easiest way to do so is to look at the number beside each tag. If there is a 1 beside any of the tags and you did not mean to create a new tag, then you have made an error. Either remove the tag or fix the spelling depending on what type of error was made.
  • To view commonly used general tags, click here.
  • If you don't know how to romanize a name, you can tag something in Japanese and someone will try to fix it for you. If you romanize a tag, please also make an alias request from the Japanese text to Roman letters (ex. かんたか -> kantaka).

Things not to do

  • Do not remove tagme from an image unless that image is either tagged with an artist or is an official image that is tagged with the proper copyright.
  • Do not tag colors for eyes, hair, or clothes. Do not tag hair length or bust size.
  • Do not tag an image with subjective tags. Tags like "moe", "cute", and "sexy" are useless.
  • Be warned that intentionally tagging inappropriately or maliciously removing correct tags is considered vandalism.
Updated by VorpalNeko almost 9 years ago