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howto:tag scripts (Version 12)

Very simply, this feature tags a bunch of posts with the same set of tags. You must have the "Advanced Editing" option checked in your settings to access this feature. To start off, go to the index page or any tag search, and select "apply tag script" in the Mode drop down menu on the left side.

Type the tags you want to add or remove in the box that pops up in the top right corner, and then click on the thumbnails of the posts you want to add those tags to. Save yourself time by clicking on one thumbnail and dragging the cursor over other thumbnails. Even better, you can apply that script to all the posts on that page by clicking "apply tag script to all of these posts".

It's just like using the tag box on any post page, so use underscores to connect different words of a tag, and separate different tags with spaces. You don't need to prefix anything if you're adding, but if you want to remove tags use a "-" in front (ex. -tagme). You can create new tags in the tag script or change the type (ex. "artist:kantoku").

Available metatags
  • Change the rating on several posts with rating:s, rating:q or rating:e.
  • parent:none - will remove the parent on all of the posts that have a parent. parent:123 will change the parent of the posts to post #123.
  • pool:123 - will add posts to pool #123. -pool:123 removes posts from pool #123.
    • Posts are added in the order you click on them.
    • Usually people upload the first pages first. However, if you use the "apply all", the tag script will start adding posts in the reverse order. Add order:id to your search first, apply the "pool:nnn" script to fix this.
    • -pool:123:parent will remove the post you click on from the pool and add its parent (if previously set) instead.
  • hide - hides the post from the index. Use show to undo.
  • unhold - releases posts to the index in the order you click on the thumbnails.
  • Special conditional features are listed at help:tag scripts.
Updated by Aurelia over 7 years ago