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Artist: shennai misha

Taiwanese artist.

Hanji name: 神奈 彌莎 or 神奈 弥莎 (Shennai Misha)
The other names: 鬼父神奈 (Guifu Shennai) or "oldman"
Circle name: 炉研所
The other circle name: Black krosa黑莎

See also

URL http://www.doujin.com.tw/authors/info/krosa1028
URL http://www.doujin.com.tw/groups/info/1797
URL http://twitter.com/krosa1028
URL http://www.plurk.com/ssttool6113
URL http://i2.pixiv.net/img60/img/ssttool6113/
URL http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2262943
URL http://blog-imgs-43-origin.fc2.com/k/r/o/krosa1028/
URL http://blog-imgs-43.fc2.com/k/r/o/krosa1028/
URL http://krosa1028.blog.fc2.com/
Aliases black_krosa黑莎, guifu_shennai, oldman, shennai_(lu_yan_suo), ssttool6113, 炉研所, 神奈弥莎, 神奈彌莎, 鬼父神奈
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