tagging guidelines

Some Tagging Guidelines

Please tag images based only on the following criteria:

  • Series and Character names.
  • Artist and Circle names. If the artist or circle is unknown, use tagme.
  • The source of the scan is acceptable. For example, "magazine_scan" or "stick_poster".
  • If the image is a wallpaper, you may tag it as such.
  • A maximum of 7 or 8 general category tags are okay. Examples of this are "swimsuit", "miko", "seifuku", background setting, or general theme of the image.
  • If the post is explicit and has loli please tag it with loli, some users of the site do not want to see explicit loli pictures
Do not tag based on:

  • Random objects in the image. "Ice Cream", "Sword", "Cell phone", etc.
  • Hair length or style, bust size, or anything else not mentioned above.
Updated by petopeto about 13 years ago