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Artist: tatami to hinoki

畳と桧 (Tatami to Hinoki, lit. Tatami & Hinoki) is an artist duo composed of 2 artists, Honjou Tatami and Okumura Hinoki. They publish doujinshis under the circle Wasabi.

Artist(1): 本条たたみ (Honjou Tatami), 十条たたみ (Juujou Tatami) or 畳 (Tatami)
  • Works for leaf/aquaplus.
  • The main artist of the duo recently
Artist(2): 奥村ひのき (Okumura Hinoki) or 桧 (Hinoki)
  • Female artist.
Circle name: Wasabi (ワサビ)
Site name: Wasabish! (ワサビッシュ!)


Honjou Tatami's
Okumura Hinoki's
URL http://blog-imgs-17.fc2.com/w/a/s/wasablog/
URL http://homepage3.nifty.com/wasabish/
URL http://wasablog.blog49.fc2.com/
URL http://wasablog.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/
URL http://twitter.com/tatami10jyo
URL http://twitter.com/hinoki0303
Aliases tatami_&_hinoki, 十条たたみ, 奥村ひのき, 本条たたみ, , , 畳と桧
Member of wasabi
Members honjou_tatami, okumura_hinoki
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