Faults: watermark

"Watermark" usually refers to a symbol placed on the image, or text that is partially transparent.

This tag is mainly for watermarks added by third parties that are seeking for "credit". Examples:

  • Added by scanners, uploaders, translators (for scanlations);
  • Added by hosting websites, a common practice on some commercial websites. Some examples:
Other cases:
  • Unofficial translation text also counts as watermark.
  • "Sample" or similar watermark that intentionally tries to block the content of the images
Watermarks added by the author / copyright holder to show credit should be tagged with official_watermark instead, and should only be tagged so when the watermark is intrusive and does not present any aesthetic value. Artistic autograph on commercial artwork should be tagged as autographed instead.

(3rd party) watermarked images should generally be avoided. It is only acceptable when the watermarks are relatively small and no alternative versions exist. Images with watermark that covers a prominent portion of content (such as sample images mentioned above), regardless it's by 3rd party or by the authors, should not be uploaded at all.
Updated by fireattack about 5 years ago