Character: zhang xiaofan

Zhang Xiaofan (张小凡): The male protagonist of the novel. He was born in a village called Grasstemple. When he was eleven years old, everyone in his village was killed except for him, his childhood friend Lin Jinyu, and a villager called Uncle Wang. Because of this miserable disaster, Qing Yun Faction decided to take them in. Because of his talent, Lin Jinyu was accepted as a student of a Caosong Taoist priest, the leader of Dragon-head Peak. Zhang Xiaofan had much less potential and ability than Lin Jinyu, and no masters were willing to accept him as a student except Tian Buyi, a sub-leader of Big-Bamboo Peak. However, afterwards, things began to look up. Zhang Xiaofan a had the good fortune to learn from three masters: Fu (a Buddhist), Dao (a Taoist), and Mo (a "Heretic"), and became a master of the mythical realm. At the same time, he went through a complicated relationship with two beautiful girls.
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