Can't Vote Pics
I can't vote up pictures any more .. don't know why, but i just can't click any stars or the "(vote up)" button ..
It's also happening with me (on Chrome at least)...
Though I still can vote using the 1/2/3 keys.
yay, using chrome too .. so with 1.2.3 it still goes .. thx
its a bug in the latest version of chrome
Not sure if it's a bug, it's been there for version 11 and 12 of chrome now. And most likely will continue.
It's definitely a CSS/layout bug.
I had some inspects on CSS coding and tested them. Look like (a little or much) fixing CSS layers for (new) Chrome can help this.

Then, which one is wrong? Chrome is too new for CSS, CSS is too old for Chrome (or dovac... for doing no about it lolz).
the same problem goes with Opera, but w/e. I only use "add too favorites", lol.

Edit: Works again! \o/
The "vote up" button hasn't worked for me for at least a couple months (it took me a while to realize). The "vote saved" message pops up at the top, but the score never changes and it's not saved to my votes. The stars still work fine. I'm on Firefox 3.6.18.

It's an easily remedied, yet peculiar problem.
Velen said:
I'm on Firefox 3.6.18
is there some specific reason why you haven't updated to 5.0?
Biggest reason to avoid 4 and 5 is mayorly memory leeks, some even so devastating they crash your computer.

They have however promised that they will start tackle them for version 6 but well see abut that.
And user interface responsiveness is much worse in 4.
Azarel said:
is there some specific reason why you haven't updated to 5.0?
Is there needed any reason to/noth update?
Azarel said:
is there some specific reason why you haven't updated to 5.0?
the memory leaks are reason enough.... i just switched back to 3.6
ok the fault lies with chrome i thought my pages gone buggy after trying to install windows language supports (darn thing isn't installed because i can't get the right cd's. but that aside) is handy to know where a culprit is instead of blaming random things happening round that same time
Probably this problem is a bug of chrome...

This property of css does not work.
:after { content: element; } or ignore inline element of empty..

but, "star a { display: inline-block; }" add this property, it works.
for ie add has-layout property...

I want you to change it ;D

<span class="stars standard-vote-widget"><a href="#" class="star star-0 star-off star-unset star-set-after"></a><a href="#" class="star star-1 star-off star-unset star-set-after"></a><a href="#" class="star star-2 star-off star-unset star-set-after"></a><a href="#" class="star star-3 star-off star-unset star-set-after"></a><span class="vote-up-block"><a class="star vote-up" href="#"></a></span></span>
I made a bookmarklet.


if you hate alert window.