Importing to the EU
What's the best way to import to us fellow citizens in the EU? I hear taking it in to the US then to the UK and vice versa over Europe. <-- Something about UK taking law and order different than other countries? :o

As most of us knows, importing to EU is prohibited by most stores and by law if I'm not mistaken? I was also wondering if any users here that live in the Nordic part of Europe got any hunch on importing stuff, as I've seen and heard euro tags on certain stuff such as posters/art books and mags.

Some pinpointing (if any even exists) stores that does actually import stuff from ze east over to us in the EU would be appreciated ^^
This is really the first time i heard anything about importing to 'EU' being iligal, I for one have never heard of it and I live here and import things without any problems what so ever.

There is however rules about what you can import and cannot import, like guns and weapons you cannot, drugs, and things wich is iligal in your contry to begin with.
Importing is illegal? Talking as someone that's imported tons of japanese eroge (including loli stuff and other 'high risk' items heh) I can safely say that's utter crap :)

If you want a good store for importing stuff, try, they have a good selection of random goodies and you can email them with requests I think (you'd have to check on that, I've never needed to request from them yet).

Other than them though, really the only 'good' way of importing tends to be via deputy services, which incurs additional charges (their fees/commissions etc.) but means you can order from more or less any online store like or the japanese ebay.

This is one of the most well-known deputies, I also use for stuff as well.

edit: a few other places that will ship overseas that you might find useful, especially if you're after paper goods:
I may have misheard the whole "illegal" part which sounds a little too much but for example:
I was checking over they have this euro calculator merged with the site and what do i see?

This item is not available for shipping to
# European Union
# Iceland
# Liechtenstein
# Norway

So what's the point on having prices at all? Were talking about maybe 3 or 4 countries that do have access to this which is a little retarded imo. I remember some site going down for because of this cuz they were selling Japanese merchandise over to the EU (was the PSP/PS3 and something els about 2 years ago~)

Anyways, <3 for the stores you've linked. You've both just made my day, and perhaps now I don't need to move over to the states after all >.>

Time to buy a scanner I guess ^.^
Pretty sure that's just play-asia being faggots, it's nothing to do with import laws :) And you're welcome. Also, another excellent site you should bookmark is, you'll need to use a deputy to order from them but they carry HUGE amounts of stuff including artbooks, games, anime and so on.
Yes I'm quite familiar with getchu ;) I often go there for news and what els they have to offer. But never have I really thought about being able to buy (import >.>) anything from them at all...

Another thing that hit was doujin ongaku. Do I even have a chance on getting "anything" from Comiket? Is there any online auction site were I can get my hands on these? I've read a little on admin2s (along others) blog(s) and I really got interested in getting my hands on some CDs. But as we know, most circles have a limited supply and Share has basically been my savior due to this.... But I prefer the real deal over digital even thou I have basically none except 2 albums since I friend of em bought when he was down to visit his relatives along with being on C72 unless I'm mistaken...
Yahoo Japan + Cresent is generally what most people I know use for comiket stuff. Be prepared for some steep prices if it's something popular though.

Deputies will do all the bidding and stuff for you (well, goody-japan certainly do, I haven't personally used cresentshop but I would assume they'd do so as well), up to the maximum amount you want to spend on an item, so you just need to worry about finding what you want on yahoo.
BTW guides on how to buy and so fort,
And keep in mind if you buy things! Scan

The first URL pretty much cover every possible way to obtain books, also sites who ship internationally and many many many more things. And sorry yes you need to register at the site ( and I know the site language is Spanish but only 10-20% of the users actually use Spanish ) and the guides is example in English.
Feito, another option to import comiket/rare stuff from japan only, (sometimes) at lower price is I'd suggest to look here when:

1- Yahoo japan fails (they don't have stuff anymore or there are too many people bidding, making impossible for you to obtain somethin.

2- You need something fast.

3- You're looking for OLD stuff from a previous comiket ( C69-70-71). Also i saw you were looking for PS3 and software games. is a good choice for japanese game imports.
also can help (they accept requests).

Hope it helps.
You can also try Amazon Japan for books and magazine only, and no ero magazine ( Dengeki Hime T_T )

They are interesting for shipping since it's based on how many item your ordered and not weight, so depending of the content, it might be better than Mangaoh and other weight based shipping. However you are pretty much assured to get taxes at the end since they use private company for shipping.
I would recommend as well.