You need an account to look beyond the first page.
Wanted or unwanted ?
I don't think it's necessary. Moeimouto isn't one of those eliteist site.
We do not want to go down the same road as Animepaper or Minitokyo...

The 4chan way is not an option either.
this could be danboos reaction to "perl-booru" ... damn that russian ;<

so since we have 1.12 now, we got same restriction (which is "just" html/xml based... )
What was perl-booru anyways, I'll try to get rid of the account thing when I see what was changed.
perl-booru :
a perl script written by anon (of rus.fed.) to dl stuff from various boorus (including danbo.donmai and moe)
That would explain the large bandwidth increase the past few days.
large increase ?

youre already at ~6tb / month arent you?

although moe seems a lot slower these days... however wget only seems to get ~100kb per connection...
We're being capped by the datacenter at the moment.
We can handle the script over to you, so you can study it and take some kind of measure to break that script. Shouldn't be too hard, just something like changing the /data/ dir into something else for example
I like the idea of expiring urls but its a pain to implement in.