"tagme" tag
I guess the "tagme" tag is used to tag unknown images right?
but there are many already tagged pics that still have the "tagme" tag. should we help a little and delete the tag?
or the nighty batch does that work for us?
Please post links to a few of these please.
They're removed manually. Minimally, a post should be tagged well enough to identify the artist. For official art, copyright tags can be enough, but most of the time that means a post should have circle and/or author tags.
For me, I sometime leave the "tagme" tags on the images due to more information can be added to the image.

I would assume others do the same as well.
I just found one:

It already has the artist tag. i think tagme should be removed.

I want to make sure to feel free to remove tagme from other images.
As long as you follow petopeto recommendation, then feel free to remove the 'tagme'