Empty pools, Wiki vandalism, cleaning up the mess etc
Seeing as someone made a mess in the Wiki, I've decided to create a forum thread. If you spot any unneeded deliberate/accidental changes to the site please post them here so a mod can tidy up.
Filtering check - post #333051 post #333052

Please delete if they've been upscaled.
Radioactive said:
Filtering check - post #333051 post #333052

Please delete if they've been upscaled.
Could someone look at pool #3521 ? Looks user created.
mash said:
Pool: Cygnus - Penguin Club
pool #3723

It's insignificant to collect only magazine covers, so please eliminate.
Not sure I agree with you on this. Could I have another mods thoughts on this?
xiaoming_shop: This thing still hasn't been removed yet...
Someone received a ban because of this. From now I'll be adding a negative record for people who create personal pools.
The user chikiunokami, created a pool for the tag, horns: pool #4089

But it has since been deleted. So, if anyone else noticed it and happened to take a screenshot of it before it was deleted, radioactive would like to see it so that there's actual evidence for banning the user (since apparently, the history of deleted pools isn't accessible). If not, but you happen to notice chikiunokami or someone else creating an inappropriate pool, take a screenshot of in addition to posting here or alerting a mod so that the mods have some evidence. It didn't occur to me that it would be deleted before a mod saw it, so I didn't take a screenshot. Shows pool changes, but I see nothing for pool deletions.
Radioactive said: Shows pool changes, but I see nothing for pool deletions.
Well, the system has images which have been removed where you can still see go to their page and see everything but the image itself, and it has images that have been outrighted deleted so that their page is just plain gone such that you get no history, and the only sign that the image ever existed is the fact that there's an unused image ID in the middle of the list of image IDs. It looks like deleted pools get treated similarly such that they disappear to the point that the only sign that they ever existed is the hole in the list of pool IDs. And if that's the case, and all history of the pool has been removed from the system, then the list of pool changes wouldn't have anything to show.
fairyren said:
Deleted and creator hit with a ban.
I didn't want to do this but the tutorial book thread is literally just a request thread rn. I don't know what can be done about it but it's been nothing but requests for weeks now.
fairyren said:
Already deleted.

Can you add the creators username when reporting pool abuse please?