Alternatives to Photoshop on Apple systems
It's been a while since I asked this question.

Other than Photoshop are there alternatives for filtering images that you would recommend? I've been using GIMP, but since moving to a new machine I'm struggling to get GMIC reinstalled.

Waifu2x for mac ( ) seems an idea, but it's not easy enough to compile.

Any other options on the market that you would recommend?

If forced, I will consider spending money.
There's a iOS version of waif2x in the app store. Would that be an option? all for the high price of £1.99

I'll try it out
I feel a bit ripped-off. There are no options, so all it does is double the size and filter what you send to it.

The original developer even says it's not an app designed by him. I'm going to see if I can get my cash back and donate to him.
Well, I got my money back. Looks like I need to go the photoshop route them (I hate subscriptions tbh)

What filters work well with Photoshop for repairing scans?