This has become like my most enduring hobby
There are a lot of things one could do on the internet for entertainment, but to me, none is more enduring or routine than browsing new images on yande. I browse and download the best images everyday (I only download the best ones), and run automation to turn them into either phone or computer wallpapers. There has been some data purges but to give an example, my phone is almost 3 years old and it has almost 3,000 images in wallpaper format, I change wallpapers almost every day and I still have thousands of them not yet tried and rated.

I got a decent printer, supposedly it's for printing my photos but really I want to print bishoujo art more than my photos.
I got an OLED TV as my monitor, it's good for games and movies in HDR sure, but what I really enjoy the most is just making it run a slideshow of my favorite art pieces.

I love doing it and while I have had and picked up other hobbies, my interest in here just never fades, great pieces still excite me just as much as when I first discovered this site like 10 years ago.

However it's just not something I can tell anyone else. I can tell others that I enjoy photography, but I can't tell anyone I enjoy looking at images of the feet of underage girls wearing pantyhose because only a pedophile would say that, even though I'm honestly not attracted to real life underage girls. Although I very much did enjoy taking photos of fashion shows and women's volleyball.

BTW do we have like a discord server or something?
Glad to see you enjoying the site! I think most of us who still are here have the same passion for beauty and quality in art. Of course, it's a hobby not understood by many but we can have fun anyway.
chen said:
BTW do we have like a discord server or something?
We have an IRC channel where most of the staff is there most of the time.
Yeah I think we should do a discord server tho
i also have mant hobby
I'm enjoying the Site aswell nearly visiting daily , browsing through all the pictures, always stunning to see what some artists pull out of their hands&fingers and head.
Such creativity , sometimes so much details too look at and discover , meanwhile after using years of and co. The ammount of data space that all those pictures need on my drive have become over 55GB ^^ , 55GB of images :D <3 thanks for giving us the possibility to download those treasures.

Credits to all them who keeps this site alive <3 thanks for your passion and work.