problem uploading a picture patiently my fault
I'd tried uploading a post earlier today I downloaded a picture over on pixiv of the resalution of 2095x2828 but when I tried uploading it on it was 1500xsomething so I thought I made a mistake and deleted it. I did this in about 30 seconds but afterwords I thought maybe display images at different resolution right click open image in new tap (this is what i did), View larger version, Download larger version (JPG) etc.

I tried re-uploading a second time but it says post already exist and deleted. so it most be mod protected or waiting for review? the link to the pixiv

So it's pointless for me to upload again do to probably accidentally triggering a anti-spam. could a mod help me out here?

I did accidentally upload two picture that didn't meet the requirement low-res didn't even look at the resolution first sorry.