Multi-service image search not working and the onsite image search option no longer seem to be working in regards to Searching images using these options do not show any result coming from Yande or show if anything was posted beforehand. Is anyone else having this problem as well?
Yeah, seems there something wrong after down.
But SauceNao work properly,
Thank goodness SauceNao still work with Yande, I thought the crash also effected it as well. There's still the problem with Yande not properly picking up and tell users of similar images when one tries to upload an image. This including revised image as well as images with similar quality but slightly different file size.
We have trouble with routing to France, it will be fixed at the earliest convenience.
That's good to hear. I hope both problems are resolved soon.
Sorry for the late reply but the problem has been resolved. IQDB and Yande's internal image search is now working.