About the Discord server...
Hi! it results that 2 years ago a link to the discord server was posted, and i discover it today. I enter the link, and, surprise, it's invalid.
And from the information i've got, i have to answer a form for entering it, but i've got some questions...
Ok, i can find the answers to the first 3 questions by searching in this site, but then a question about if i have shared books appears. Ah, it results that i seem to have to share some. I'd have no problem with that, but another question appeared! Do i have to scan them by myself? because i haven't got any scanner nor drawing books -nor money for wasting, it's Latin America so i guess you'll understand why, no need to explain the situation in the south of the continent, lol), so, would it be a problem if i shared books that are on internet but not in this site? or, may translating tutorials and books to spanish allow me to enter the server?

Sorry, my english isn't perfect, i'm a spanish speaker :)
I don't know what you are talking about. What discord server? Why do you need to share books or to perform sacrificing rituals to enter the discord server?
What i mean is that in the firm for entering the discord server, the last question is:
"Have you Contributed to Yande.re's Scanned Books?"
That's it.