how to tag a post, so after a search query, there's a list of assumed tags (characters with same name)
i want to tag some posts, so that character tag appears in a list of assumed tags. two character from different anime have same name. when i search this tag, there are only results for one show.
The autocompletion sometimes doesn't show all the tags. You can go and search the tag to be sure.

Or maybe the tag for that character doesn't exist yet. Just create a new one with copyright as a suffix "charname_(copyright)" if ambiguous.
ahem. ok, i tagged Texhnolyze posts with character tags. The main heroine, Ran, has the same name as some other anime heroine. I want a lurker to query "Ran" and select which ran posts to look at, e.g. "kotori" or "skirt" brings you selection. The wikis didn't mention name collisons much.

and sorry for bothering, but i made two tags by error "ran(texhnolyze)" and "(texhnolyze)". please remove them. i am el n00bo here. i read that script cleans 0 tags everyday, but it's been 2 days since i made them, and they're still up.
No worries, they will be gone eventually