chinese language, your tips and experience?
Hello, friends. Anyone study chinese language? How is your experience in studying?
Chinese is one of the easiest languages to learn because of its grammar. I'd say Chinese is easier to learn than Japanese when learning from scratch. I studied it for 10 years in school but since I don't use it outside I still can't speak fluently. Tips for learning it is just like any other language you have to be using it constantly or it will be useless (like that happened to me). The hardest thing to learn in Chinese is writing the words since this language does not have an alphabet you can just constantly repeat writing to form a word.
Chinese is difficult language for studying. First and foremost, the writing system is extremely difficult for English speakers (and anyone else) accustomed to the Latin alphabet. I think better to study chinese from childhood that's why my sister started visiting chinese for kids Its Individual 1 : 1 courses at home. Very convenient for child.
你好!I'm a Chinese. I can use Chinese, English, and Japanese during communication, these three languages gives me totally different using experiment.

If you are an English native speaker, Latin-system languages are quite easy for you to understand and pronounciate. It is because they are based on alphabet, so you can create word by combine letters. However it's different in Chinese or Japanese. The 'morphem' means 'minimun unit in a language which has meaning', in Chinese it's Chinese character, in Japanese it's kana and kanji. Chinese has tens of thousands of characters... Chinese people averagely knows 3000-7000 characters. In daily life, 1000 characters is enough.

So the most difficult point is, how to memorize these characters and pronounce them correctly? Chinese uses Pinyin to mark pronounciation, it's a Latin-system but differ from normally western accent. Japanese uses Romaji, obviously it's transformed from Latin. To memorize strokes and pronounciation of each word is a key point learning Chinese.

And as it's said, Chinese grammar is the most simple one, in fact I doubt this point. Rather than 'simple' I think it's 'high-variated' and 'free'. We can say 'I am 16 years old' as 'I 16 year', here we just ignore the link verb, and '16 year' is verb now. And Chinese don't mark '-s' as multiple-form of noun, we just say 1year, 2year, 3year... no need of 's'.

Chinese grammar usually is S-V-O but Japanese grammar is S-O-V. Look at this sentence:'I have an apple.' Chinese says '我(I) 有(have) 一个(an) 苹果(apple)' Japanese says '私(I) は リンゴ(apple) を 持って(have) います'. Here you can see the different.

There is too many detail to share with you, my friend, but it's better to explore by yourself. This world has 100+ languages, and no matter what you wanna learn, the best way learning it is practice day by day. May success waiting upon you efforts.