Asking for clarification regardig the tagging guidelines
So, recently I voiced my gripes (again) regarding how tagging works on the site. Not wanting to seriously break any rules even if I disagree with some of them, I'd like to learn about this.

Help: Tags
Help: Cheat Sheet

Adding now artist, character and franchise tags seems to be pretty clear. But the help doesn't say much about general tags. We can add new ones, the site allows it, but what to take into consideration? I'd expect introducing new general tags are discouraged, but not forbidden. But what are the conditions?

It's clear that adding a lot of random crap would make the tagging system fall apart so if a sufficient tag exist it should be used instead of a new synonymous one. But the opposite is also true, a couple of new ones here and there might make the site more user friendly.
The last I heard was that no new general tags were allowed. Your linked Help pages likely haven't been updated in 10+ years.

What are these new tags you feel will improve the site?
It's difficult to abide the rules if they are kept secret.

Anyway, first I'd like to know how were the tags that are kept chosen. I'd probably add next to nothing truly new, rather add back some that was aliased into something else.
No one has updated the wiki with recent rule changes. The mod team is small, and has no time to update it.

Reviewing the aliased tags would help as I'm sure some are incorrect. Please start a thread in the forum, and gain consensus before changing them.
General tags were always fun discussions on whether or not they had a purpose. The best description I have for most of them is "kink filters" used for either blacklisting or searching for those things.
These types of search words can usually be generalised into a few categories anyway. On top of that the general idea that whoever suggested the tag got stuck maintaining it until it became common among users, which will never happen if it's not a very broad concept for a tag.

I still smile thinking back to discussing the concept of "dressing" vs "undressing".
Radioactive said:
Reviewing the aliased tags would help as I'm sure some are incorrect.
Where can I find a list of those? These are just the recommendations, right?