Image corruption issue
Just to open a thread in forum for better publicity.

Currently it looks like there is a file corruption issue with lots of large original image files.

Examples are

post #952382

post #952973


You can temporarily work around it by changing the file name in URL to something else (like test.jpg).

We're waiting for a solution from the admin/sysop at the moment so please be patient.
So the issue with #946137 was(is still) that too, tested renaming and it worked. A bit confusing as I encountered the chrome issue a few times too and those got fixed after refresh/incognito mode...
Uhm never mind what I said, I found that post still shows up corrupted to me
The bug seems to have worsened: now, even changing the file name in the URL or the tags does not work anymore, and the picture stays corrupted in the most recent bugged posts.

Many recompressed jpegs are also corrupted, for example
Original is ok there.
zfs borking? Is it fixed?
Also affecting pools resulting network error :(