Additional tag types?
Currently under we have 4 different tag types, should we add some more? Some examples would be circles, magazines, and/or other things.
We currently usually use these tags.

  • Creator / artist (ex. Mitha)
  • Circle (like you said, ex. Joker Type)
  • Title (ex. Kannazuki no Miko)
  • Magazines (ex. Megami 92)
  • Characters / names (ex. Saber)
  • Wallpaper/s
  • Vector
  • Render / Extractions
  • unidentifiable tags (the Tagme tag)
  • description tags *1* / fetish tags (ex. miko, nekomimi, swimsuit, seifuku, see thru, bra, yes... even the explicited imags would count but that's not a tag)
  • description tags *2* / stuff on character and to identify them - poses, colors, bodily gestures, personal affects-->(bookbags), colors of eyes, hair, skin color, color of outfit)
  • uncompleted or adjustable tags (ex. The fixme tags)
  • Pinup posters tags / spread tags / stick posters (I'm assuming spread means magazine spreads)
  • Calender / month / day / year tags
  • Original tags (I have no idea what this is)
  • Holidays (ex. Christmas, Valentines)
  • I think that is all of them ^^ (that took a bit)
- We might as well add organize tags like Miko, Knee high socks into fetish tags, but I don't know how to do that though.

- most tags i've ever seen in a single image - - 18 TAGS!
I was always against expanding tagtypes beyond the basics before. The only ones I see as potentially useful expansions for this specific site are circle (which... we had, didn't we? it's blue) and type of scan, perhaps, but that might be hard to categorize consistently.

But on the whole, tagtypes should be kept simple, in my opinion. Also, moe.imouto's tagging policy is relatively simple, no? Character, Series, Artist when they're known, and a *small* number of descriptive tags. As you've said before, it's not intended that we do danbooru style exhaustive tagging here.
Ah yes I forgot about the Circle one, now only if I remembered which parts to add/change.

I find danbooru's more exhaustive tagging a little bit more useful lately when trying to find images here, but that's a bit of a different story.

Magazines/Artbook names or volumes can go in to pools for now.
Circle tag added, its light blue this time.
dovac said:
Circle tag added, its light blue this time.
That's good. Even though the circle is a bit harder to find and identify.