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I'm sorry to be such a noob but I don't get how the blacklist works. I checked the howto:blacklist page and yet my filters don't work. I tried several ways to block loli and shota and it stills pops in the list when I browse the posts. My blacklist looks like this:
"rating:s loli"
"rating:q loli"
"rating:e loli"
"rating:s shota"
"rating:q shota"
"rating:e shota"

What's wrong with it?

it has " in it? you'll want to remove that
Makes me feel stupid but, yes that was the problem... -_-'

Thanks dovac for taking the time to reply ;)
also if you want to have all ratings you can just blacklist like:
Sorry if this is a stupid question about the blacklists.

So what is the purpose of the blacklist if the images remain?

So an image such as loli or shota ought to be tagged as such to be black listed... but this does not mean they are banned from the site? So this is just to prevent these images from coming up in searches and not stop the distribution of such images. I came upon a couple circles with these images today, hence my avatar. Some stuff is more acceptable than others, is that the point of the black list?

PS I am new to the site and a little confused on these details. Love the site though.
The blacklist is there to block images you as an INDIVIDUAL do not want to view.

The blacklist doesn't have to be for adult material, it can be any tag. Say, as an example, you utterly loath Naruto. Stick it in your blacklist.
Alright, Trap and Male added haha.
berserker3600 said:
(What about the Random thing?)
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果断用Google翻译器翻译网站T T
may be you should hide rating:q too from view to unregistered users like rating:e? 'cause somebody posts without correct tags and you can see explicit pics
Blacklist does NOT WORK for me in browse mode. Example is a 'loli' blacklisted tag.
bezblednyrycerz said:
Blacklist does NOT WORK for me in browse mode. Example is a 'loli' blacklisted tag.
hmm, blacklist works fine.
using iPad Safari