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Apr 19 2010, 13:21 Drakken note how is this (*breast...: body changed from how is this (*breast) ? to How is it?
Apr 19 2010, 13:21 *tempest_feather* note how is this (*breast...: body: how is this (*breast) ?, height:425, width:391, x:1100, y:449
May 30 2010, 20:38 Aurelia rating:q←s, -breasts
Apr 17 2010, 02:11 charunetra rating:s, +bikini_top +black_rock_shooter +black_rock_shooter_(character) +blood +breasts +cleavage +cosplay +hatsune_miku +kagamine_len +kagamine_rin +kaito +powhu +vocaloid, source: http://img11.pixiv.net/img/powhu/6114541.jpg