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Yuck. Looks like it escaped from deviantart.
You don't like it? Compared to some pics you can find here, this is good.
I have to agree with asterix, this is a very nicely done piece.
The green-headphone-girl's face is a bit strange, but the rest is fine. I like the headphones.
They remind me of http://fc06.deviantart.com/fs51/f/2009/284/7/1/MAGNET___KuroFai_ver__by_kaoru_chan.jpg
I love Kaoru-chan's art.
Don't get me wrong. I looked at this pic and it's not great, arms and body look weird, faces too. But, compared to others, looks good. Better in thumbnail though.

Some artists like Caidychen are deviantart users, so not everything in deviantart is that bad.

And on a side note, your avatar left to the "Bah." looks funny.
It really does. Seems like Radioactive really likes that post... Yeah I think it suits him well!

I don't think it's that bad. It's all about the artist's style. You can't say xxxHolic characters have gigantic hands because... They are like this, lol.

One thing is an artist always draw small hands and then draw a big hand out of nothing. Some other thing is to always draw big hands. I guess we don't know the artist so we can't say.
Okay... Are posts from deviantart allowed? I'm still trying to get the hang of things...
Yes, but only post here if it's really worth it... If it's really pretty and well-done. Okay?
Gotcha. No crappy work. Oh yeah, has any user posted any ever their own works? Not like fan art, but some of their own original art?
I want to do that, but only when my works get better.

I don't know of any user, but maybe there is one or two ♪
Well I can't say for sure granted I haven't been here for that long but as far as I've seen not really.
I have a few projects in mind... can't say I won't be the first, however, I'll have to make them execeptionally well, so no one hold there breathes... (*knocks on head on spelling*)
Don't worry about that. Well I can't wait to see your drawings. Good luck!
I don't want to discourage your creativity, but your personal creations should belong on DeviantArt and pixiv, not here. Uploading your own art is frowned upon.
(see howto:upload)
This was discussed before. I remember someone said something like:

"So if Tinkle comes and upload their own works, you'll dump him because uploading your own works isn't allowed?"

Don't upload your own art. Get someone else to upload it for you (;
asterixvader said:
"So if Tinkle comes and upload their own works, you'll dump him because uploading your own works isn't allowed?"
Contact a mod if you want to upload your own work. I don't think anyone wants to see shoddy artwork, or self-created wallpapers fouling the index.

asterixvader said:
Don't upload your own art. Get someone else to upload it for you (;
If it is good artwork then that might even work...
Custom wallpapers = crap. Most of all wallpapers you find in Minitokyo suck. They all have at least 2 moons in the background and oversaturated with shinny stuff. Custom wallies should be strictly forbidden, unless they're actually good.

When I read "own work" I think of original anime-style drawings, or doujinshis.

And, I'm sure uploading your own good artwork as incognito will work.
cheese said:
And yet this stays? http://moe.imouto.org/post/show/100475
Not sure what the hell those were.
Uuuh... Well my art is not so good but it's better than that, lol
Don't worry Radioactive. I won't be posting anything myself made in the next years. I don't want to trash Moe's database. And I'll contact you first, for sure.
use forum for posts won't be deleted (・ω・)
Okay... May I show you a Kobato fan art I've made for Halloween then? Only at the Forum, of course. (・ω・)
Can I, too? Well not fan art, just my own for a game I hope to make in the future...
Why don't you create a thread in the forums? Go go create it.