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Holy #$%&...There's a number of things I'd do to that ass.
TricksterA2 said:
Holy #$%&...There's a number of things I'd do to that ass.
This is a perfect example of a pointless comment. Please stop doing it.
Damn....I just noticed how much of an idiot I sound like...Please accept my apology, I just guess a dirty side of my came out...I will try and make comments that are less stupid.
You just did a hughe step forward.
I'm impressed... Great job, TricksterA2. Good luck on your next comments!
No...Forget the whole "I think?" part, thanks guys!
Well...I just want say thanks again everyone for not calling me a troll! You guys really helped me today.
Don't worry about it. Happens to all of us at some point.( I think ) Well maybe the magnitude isn't the same but... point taken? The big point is you reflected that's the 1st step after making the mistake. Good luck!
Also I'd like to point out to TricksterA2 that there's also a way to edit your comments after making them. This way you don't need to comment multiple times in a row even if you forget to say something specific at first.