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armor cg final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiii lightning square_enix sword wallpaper

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This is cool I remember that the games were good but I never saw any of the movies were they any good?
This isnt a movie, this is a screenshot from the ingame CGI of FFXIII.
Its not a screenshot, its from the actual studio so it was made from the high-res cg character, not just the render by someone's computer
I just ment any of the movies not the pic.
I've watched parts of Advent Children in HD, and it was awesomely cool.
That leg looks realisticly manly.
AC was visually pretty cool but the plot wasn't that great. Overall it's okay
Cool now I know there atleast worth seeing. :3
It's not a movie, it's a game..
"could be a movie in the future"~~