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Kämpfer not Kampfer? I understand some are not clever enough to add the 2 extra dots, but it's possible with almost any keyboard layout, even US ones.
we couldn't against the fact English always beat any other languages.
Until aoie knows how to alias its probably best to use the plain character.
I don't know the keyboard command to get them, I don't encounter them enough to bother to learn. I just copy them from somewhere.
Hey now, i'm not that dumb >.<
I vote for plain kampfer. It just makes searching easier for a normal people.
I didn't call you dumb. There is plenty I don't know that I need to.
Bleh, I think kaede's an annoying girl, tryin tah always force herself on natsuru. (and speakin of that guy, he looks better as a girl. Much better).

Oh well. Yer talkin about the English version of the anime title, huh? Go for the spelling without the dots. Everyone'll know what yer talkin about anyway.
I don't know if alias is what it means, but sometimes when I search for a word (like miwa_yoshikazu or yoshikazu_miwa) it appears the result, even though the order was different.

Why don't we do this with kämpfer and kampfer tags? Kampfer is easier but besides being the original, Kämpfer looks cooler. Lol.
Kämpfer is fighter in German
Radioactive said:
I vote for plain kampfer. It just makes searching easier for a normal people.
Does that mean, I'm not a normal person,
just 'cause I can write ä, ö and ü?

Can't you write ae for ä, oe for ö and ue for ü? Would be easier.
You can write them on this way:
ä = [Alt]+[1][3][2]
Ä = [Alt]+[1][4][2]
ö = [Alt]+[1][4][8]
Ö = [Alt]+[1][5][3]
ü = [Alt]+[1][2][9]
Ü = [Alt]+[1][5][4]

Edit: You need to know the ASCII.
Genderswap lulz. Also:
ä = [AltGr]+[a]
Ä = [AltGr]+[e]

Revil said:
My computer don't work with [AltGr]-combinations like your computer...
Yeah, it's about keyboard and language settings.
There is a simplier way to remmeber and write those keys above LOL

¨+(a, o, u)

¨ is a key on your keyboard press it and then any of those 3 letters. Done.

PS most keyboards does not have ALTGR, and some who do those key combinations above does not give out that result. Example ALTGR+ E for me gives € Granted ALTGR is just ALT + CTRL

¨ usually share the same key as ^
My computer doesn't work with [AltGr]-combinationa like your one...
Villeciel said:
Kämpfer is fighter in German
actually, Kampfer is fighter and Kämpfer is the plural
Luthei said:
actually, Kampfer is fighter and Kämpfer is the plural
Kampfer means something different and hasn't plural form in german and it means camphor in english.

Kämpfer has the same singular and plural form in german
Anyways, this is an English site.
More like weeaboonese though ww.