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Yeah! A hidden post among my own uplaods!

Hidden posts = When you blacklist something, the posts containing the tags you've blacklisted get hidden.

My blacklists = Many, including rating:e

This post = Cum everywhere.

Cum everywhere. = Urotan

Fail. [2]
for some reason I have a physical copy of this eromanga..
Do you? Ooooo-- Power!

Did you get it long ago?
i got it as a xmas gift....heh
Wtf... You got an ero manga for Christmas? Jesus!
Lucky guy! I want a eromanga for xmas too TT^TT
Debbie, do you want to give me one? (a) /shoot
Well, I want.
But I can't.
Uh...Maariana...you seriously asking a girl to give you one? Funny.....unless you're a girl also.........if that's the case...interesting.
The world where you recieve eromangas as presents is my heaven. I keep getting bombarded by Shoujos and Magical Girl mangas ( Not that I'm complaining )
AZD-A9S said:
unless you're a girl also.........if that's the case...interesting.
If Maito hears that, consider yourself as dead.

You know, it would be nice to receive ANY manga as a christmas gift~
I sadly have just of late been able to get some manga I think it's prity good any manga would be good to me right now haha. :D