conjaku female_protagonist_(p3) gun megaten persona persona_3 seifuku thanatos_(p3)

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Hope I got the tags right... looks like I don't...
Protagonist(female) seems to be quite wrong, but the others... I think they are all ok. Not that bad. Nice picture!
Fixed, now who changes the color for tags, I mean for Pesona 3 Portable as a title?
I don't think a tag for Persona 3 Portable is really needed.
You need to go to tag -> edit. Then you can change it to artist/circle/whatever.
Someone did it for you. ♥
Thanatos doesn't match the female protagonist at all XD
Uh... you should tag this "Thanatos" as something else.

There's already a Thanatos in SS pictures.
Don't forget to tag that MK.23 pistol... Or maybe that's a Colt...