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kobuichi pantsu seifuku thighhighs

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This can't be Kobuichi! Look at those eyes!
''the eyes chico...they never lie''....lol just kidding ^^ .....why not what's wrong with them?
Well, open a new window with this post #96108
The pose is very similar, especially the face angle.
Now open this picture and compare.

Kobuichi's eyes have a circular white shine, not a pointy white shine, to begin with.
Second, they have little details on the... "iris". Check the pictures on their original size.
Also, those eyelashes are too thin, mainly the bottom ones, to be Kobuichi's.

Even someone that doesn't understand much about drawing style can tell that the difference between this and post #96108 is obvious. Right? Just look at the picture for yourself.

Now, who made this one? I don't know... Maybe a Kobuichi copycat, or maybe the own Kobuichi.
But he must had been drunk or something.
Agree with Debbie,I think this is not drew by Kobuichi directly, maybe finished by his assistant, but it's still Kobuichi's work. I tell the difference from her hair and the shadow on the body and clothing, but I think those eyes are really very similar to Kobuichi's style.
Wraith may tagged this pic. with Kobuichi by using the artist name on the side of the page, I mean the name in Megami Creators.
Can you tell me how to distinguish kobuichi & muririn,Debbie? I still can't do it..
I don't have much time to look carefully at that and explain now, I'll do that better later.
But a basic difference about Kobuichi and Muririn is the eyes, I guess.

Kobuichi tends to make brigther eyes post #96631 post #93497 and softer brush painting, with more shine and softer looks. He uses a lot of light, but SOFT lights on his drawings.

Muririn is more for a strong painting and strong colors, with less illumination but brighter base colors, and the eyes are darker, mainly blacker, on the upper part. post #80611 post #97990

I believe Kobuichi illustrations looks softer in general, but again, I'm gonna edit this comment later... I'm really busy now, but I hope this helps a bit. Search for kobuichi -muririn and muririn -kobuichi maybe you can learn more...
You're welcome... Maybe someday I can help you better... I hope you can realize it before that!