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cleavage kinon kiyal kiyoh megane tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann towel underboob vector_trace yoko

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O.o The background has a different pixel rate to the characters. It's almost as if the bg is a screenshot from a compressed video and the characters are squashed vectors.
Yes, that's definitely a screencap that's been upscaled all the way to hell for background...Not that the vectors themselves looked too great either but just a blank BG would've been a whole lot better.
omg untill I can see the sisters naked and yoko as well, instead of see the 1 with no boobs yet grown, one with normal and yoko and the blond with huge - I can't see that, also an opertunity to see underage girl go to weist - disappointing
Hahahaha I remember this part in the anime.