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animal_ears girl's_avenue loli lolita_fashion megane niθ pantsu skirt_lift

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The artist for this image, as well as many other Nitroplus images, is "Niθ". Since it contains a weird character, should I use this as a tag, or should I make it something like "ne0" instead? It's just not logical to leave "nitroplus" as the artist tag, since I've already seen a Nitroplus image here that isn't illustrated by Niθ.
you can tag it as Niθ and then I can set an alias of ne0 to Niθ
Awesome, thanks for everything. By the way, sorry for being a pain but is there a way to take the artist classification off of "nitroplus"?

Oh and I meant to say the alias should be "ni0". Damned typo.
Ah, that will come in very handy. Thanks again.