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This book has 64 pages of monochrome illustrations of Night Wizard. I'm thinking I should pool them and hide from index like usual. Do you guys agree? Or slowly release ~20 a day but show in the index?
Can you point me toward one of the monochrome scans?
Mirror Magpie-san, Urotan's monochromes are my FAVORITES, I really love them, they are inspiring. Even if you don't post them here, could you please send me a link to them or something? Please? I really appreciate that... Thanks a lot...
Oh I'm going to upload them when I process them a bit,was just thinking if I should show them in the index. I'll upload some a little later so you can see a sample
Thank you so so so much... Well, this one is 5 MB and the quality seems to be pretty perfect, so I guess the following pages are also very good.

The only problem about Urotan's monochromes were the low quality ones, although they were very great...

Did you upload them somewhere else, or did you scan it yourself? I'd appreciate if you could send me a link with em all... Thanks so much again, darling.
How do you use uppercase letters in pool names when you tag them(ex: @pool:Uropyon_-_The_Art_of_Night_Wizard)? It always comes out lowercase <.<

Oh and I've scanned all my posts
I don't think tag box can support uppercase.
you always need to edit pools automatically generated later.
just tag script "pool:(a random letter)" => edit the pool automatically generated is a smart way I think.
when you use this way, the pool was created with -public.
if you can't edit the pool you created (I couldn't confirm it can or not, cuz I'm a mod), better not to use this way.
No, I can edit it, was just wondering if I could tag it with capitol letters to begin with
Using lower case only reduces processing cycles to do a search because only the search string needs converted to lower case before comparing, not by much but it over a large number of entries it can become noticeable.
I always create the pool manually and use metatag "pool:id:order" to add posts.
When I posted "Prototypes 0.2", I've created the pool, and then added the pictures one by one on "Add to pool" button.

Thank you very much MirrorMagpie. Did you scan this for yourself? The quality is very good.
naitomea said:
upload more then :)
Haha I will... so far I have ~70 different doujin, about half scanned so far. I'll probably upload the bulk in December when I get back to my desktop. I ♥ Toranoana
Can't wait to see more scans from you. Sweet scans. Sweet.