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Whatever it is, I kinda like it. Cute characters and however they made it it looks pretty clear on my monitor. I wouldn't give it a favorite, but I'll vote for it.
...I seen the right one somewhere before o.o just don't remeber where xD but she do look like Nanoha a bit
That girl kinda looks like an evil Nanoha. XD
I think she have nothing to do with Nanoha...she is probably from some other anime and because of similarity with Nanoha somebody put them together in one picture :D
She's from Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea (蒼い海のトリスティア), btw her name is "Nanoca Flanka"
yeah I know...but when I posted these coments I think there weren't tags:''Nanoca Flanka'' and ''Aoi umi no tristia'' so I started wondering who's that girl xD
This brings back memories.

I did that.

But I was scared to post it here.
why scared? o.o it's interesting image (only nanoca don't look like herself here xD)