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Perhaps I blurred it to much?
Your de-screening looks fine to me, but you didn't clean up all the scanning dust.
Aight I'm giving it another try, hell jpeg is already as shitty as it can be.

edit: unfortunately after some reconsideration, the jpg scan was to poor to begin with, we also have the paper is was printed on. I mean even a decent 5mb~ png scan will do more than enough, who couldn't afford ~50mb (raw + compressed version) worth of space at the time? (2002~)

Back in the day you got 120gb HDD for like 200£~. Now it's less than 80£ for 1tb. Do the math for how much GB you get per $/£ compared to 8years~ ago.
Believe me, there are far worse under the jpeg_artifacts tag.
I only saw a couple bits, lower-left quad and on her hat.
Thanks, it looks very nice. It wasn't a scan that I did, just a picture from my collection. If I had that cover, I'd post a png scan.
Feito said:
Perhaps I blurred it to much?
Yes. Look at the star on top.