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ass cameltoe houraisan_kaguya kamiya_tomoe megane pantsu thighhighs touhou wallpaper

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I prefer Blue...of course since it's my favorite color.
Mine is white... My friend just got the new DSi, it's so awesome. I've browsed Moe Imouto on it, LOL

And... Wtf? Her cell is connected to her DS?
My colors:
The DS lite I have is Black.
The regular DS is Grey.
The DSi is like Light Blue.

Yeah Debbie. How IS that possible? How did Kaguya get those anyway? Maybe Yukari (Boundary person) bought it as a souvenir from Earth and gave it to her.
I only have the grey DS. Off-topic but does anyone tried contacting this artist? I would but his/her e-mail address is not working.
Do you have a Pixiv account? Try sending a PM to him/her there. Or, go to the shoutbox and say something there. Hope that helps; I've used the shoutbox a few times with Teruchan and it worked.
I have a pixiv account. I'll try that sometimes later. I just want to ask him/her a few questions.
Lol, is she watching Ultimate Muscle on her phone?
I would say the phone and DS are connected to the same power board/double adapter/wall socket as the cords both run in the same direction, and were they the same cord, and it just looped around, it would be slightly raised off the ground.