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I trusted you, Nakamura Takeshi...
Debbie said:
I trusted you, Nakamura Takeshi...
Everyone who has done Illustrations with Leaf has down H-materials. You gotta love the for what they draw, not what genre they draw :)
But... Nakamura... His illustrations... Were always so sweet and pure like post #82727 post #4501 post #4507 post #1874

I did believe his nice style would remain untouched forever... I trusted you, Nakamura Takeshi...
Now I guess only Nardack and CLAMP left. Even Caidychen has entered that area... He was so young... </3
I think in one of my piles of books I have full color nonero doujinshi from her (him? dunno...can't tell)
Well the artist is a male right Debbie? Expect some "Not safe for work" material [NSFW] and Really-NSFW material.

Same thing can come from a female artist as well.........(Oh~ Izumi Tsubasa, how I love what you have done).........
Carnelian has also disappointed me...

Urotan was evil since the start.
At first I thought Debbie's disappointment was because of the poorly drawn nipples, or whatever other anatomy problem (I'm still trying to figure what's going on in the bottom part of the picture... is there a third girl or what?)

And while Clamp never drew explicit ero stuff, I think Chobits was far from being pure and innocent :P
I used to think Chobits was too suggestive.

Then, I read Urotan's doujins.