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Just curious., but why is much of TT's artwork censored on this site? Don't get me wrong, I love this site. It's just that on another popular booru TT's artwork is mostly uncensored.
uncensoreds and photoshops are different things.
most photoshops are jpeg resized and we don't need them.
uncensored upscaled
uncensored jpeg_artifacts

just checked several images.. (-ω-)

ps: my eyes got hurt watching many craps whose qualities are beyond than horrible >_>

flag them for deletion you think they shouldn't be here
If noone select out, I'll just massacre them all with a reason of "poor quality photoshop"
since noone reacted, I start annihilating low quality photoshops soon following under guidlines

1) cropped, resized meaninglessly
2) enhanced jpeg_artifacts from the original
3) MS paint level

below can survive in this time

1) 1600x1200 or high resolution
2) high-skilled photshops at least beyond midzki
3) any scans without replacements
Hey, excuse me. I'm in a different time zone...
Stick them in the mod queue so I can see what you are deleting.
uncensored upscaled
call me midzki the terminator from now :D