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censored cloba_u panty_pull pee pussy seitokai_no_ichizon shiina_mafuyu thighhighs

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extreme gaming, can't pause to pee =)
If this is Seitokai no Ichizon, is that supposed to be Mafuyu chan? I'm not sure if it is.
Yeah it is. The source (pixiv) tagged as this and I followed.
.looks like rin kagamine to me :3
Censors! Boooooo!!

Why are censors applied to images anyway? Especially user images. If it was a manga or something for sale, I would understand since laws would come into play (Japan's law is pretty stupid btw since they don't specify what is an appropriate censorship, and thus any barely visible line (without extreme magnification) is considered as one - it would be better if there was no law at all in this case).

Frost604 said:
extreme gaming, can't pause to pee =)
But closing your eyes and freezing because of extreme pain/pleasure while the game is running is ok?
Good one, btw! :D