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breast_hold cleavage naked sheets tony_taka

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I always love to go through the "popular" and check out which image is first for each months. And this would be the one for December :)

And like usual, Tony's Illustrations is always on the page :)
That's not the point here midzki >.>

But knowledge is always good :)
I can understand Kalafina's post quick votes, but for a magazine cover this looks a bit too much. Suspicious...
It's only a score anyways. And yes, Tony Taka seems to be pretty popular here. I like his style.
high score means how it's loved by a NEET sometimes.
see just amount of favorites. it's only 13 votes.
Oh... Okie I'll do that, Midzki. Thanks for the tip!
I still think that order:favorites or something like that would be a good idea... If you are not too busy, of course. Eheh.