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itou_mikoto koiiro_soramoyou lucie pantsu shimapan undressing wallpaper

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Is this a trap or just a very bad case of engrish?
It gets weirder, it says "her" two lines later.
It's definitely a terrible translation though, there are no trap tags on the character and it reads fragmented.
It must be a extreme high level English.
Even I know the plot of the game, I can't guess ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
It's a guy. First line refers to 1st name, which is uh Koiro. 2nd line to mikoto and 3er And 4th koiro in my understanding. ( I tried but probably epicly failed )
(≧ω≦)b アハハハハ
That's just... hahaha! So is it a guy or a girl? If what ChikaneHimemiya is saying is true, why is 'he' have a bra-like shirt on with a bow?
Wait this is a guy? I've been fooled again!
Chris086 said:
Wait this is a guy? I've been fooled again!
lol...you fall right in to a -trap- xD ......btw is it clearly confirmed this is male..if so would some1 add ''trap'' tag....I want it in my blacklist.....don't wanna get ''traped'' again.......(>_>)
midzki, does this page say what the gender for this character is?
if there is a trap on the game, I already tagged ( ゚▽゚)/

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