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boobyland... it DOES exist :D :3
sad that half of em don't have boobs though
And sad that the other half has grossly enlarged boobs. :P

... At least for me. :P
better enlarged than missing :D
Not if the enlargements are WAAAY overdone.
Then the enlargements are quite a bit worse.
Personally, I prefer flat-chested rather than overdone boobs.

There's still some charm in flat-chested you can't find anywhere else, though normal round boobs are better. Overdone just doesn't have any charm for me and just makes me switch the picture (in a bit of disgust).
Cloud737 said:
though normal round boobs are better.
agreed on this one for sure =)
Which reminds me, those boobs that girl in your avatar has are so... heavenly. :D =)

Normal fluffy round melon boobs FTW!! :D
*sniffle* dreams do come true :D