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Reminds me of KOS-MOS from Xenosaga a bit.
Loving those proportions... :D
Good eye, but I'd say it's actually closer to the battle android T-elos, the antagonist and diametric opposite of KOS-MOS. Everything but the eyes, which for T-elos are blue. Compare on post #79705.
Yeah, I was gonna say that (that was actually the fist thing that popped to mind), only that I didn't know her name. I only played Xenosaga I, but I did saw a trailer with T-elos in it, only that I didn't know her name.

Her skin color and face resembles T-elos more (athough T-elos has darker skin color, though I find it smexier in this picture). Both have the same proportions, so only the eyes and face are different. So the only thing not resembling T-elos here are the eyes, which is least significant. Hair is silver-blue, a combination of both, so it could go both ways.