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breast_hold breasts bukkake clalaclan_philias cum lactation maid mokke_(artist) nipples shining_tears shining_wind shining_world

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It always looks too sharp for these digital releases. Maybe we need a better algorithm for sample.
What looks too sharp? I can't find anything but aliasing (since it's jpeg) that's annoying here.
Yeah it's what you said. Our algorithm for sample now make the low-res pictures (especially digital release, which are sharper) aliasing.
Ah, I see. I was, for the moment, strangely under the impression that the board displays all pics in original but scales them to lower dimensions, which for JPEG would cause aliasing since there are no vector graphics.

Have you recently changed the algorithm for it, I take it?
if the algorithms is optimized for the resolution of scans, fine enough in this site.
A more neutral algorithm won't hurt scans and can make these low-res posts better IMO :P
If it can be changed easily.
I don't think peto will spend his time to make low-res look good.
Yeah.. If it can be changed easily. :P