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D:< Stay away from MAH Rachel, Noel you crybaby!

Or you'll suffer a 200,000V discharge of BADEN BADEN LILY! D:<

(omg, BB's art is way more fanservicey than GG's).
The fact that you (attempted)to measure Rachel's Baden Baden Lily goes to show how much you don';t appreciate her. Therefore she's now mine. ; ) And BB is more fanservicey cause BB characters>GG characters. And BTW...lol Kyoushiro=Kyoushiro you show your true colors. Grrr. Stay away from Himeko or else!
But you are a girl >.< You can't have Rachel!

I know what the voltage is because Rachel lemme measure it :D

And... erh, no. Rachel aside (and that's because her design is that awesome), BB cast pales in comparison to GG's. GG chars have way more inspiration:

-A char based on Queen.
-Another char based on Helloween.
-A char based on LOCOMIA! You can't beat that easily!
-A char based on Sid Vicious.
-2 chars which are a tribute to Iron Maiden.

BB's... well, uh, dunno where they got inspired but they're not as good. Still good (WAY better than all those shitty chars from other new fighting games) but inferior to Daisuke Ishiwatari's creations.
In my world I can have Rachel because she shares the love i do. ; ) But good point on the designs and inspirations. Kyoushiro does shine sometimes heheheheh.
No she doesn't.

Coz you dunno the secrets of lobelia and rushing D:<
kyoushiro said:
No she doesn't.

Coz you dunno the secrets of lobelia and rushing D:<
Somebody deserves some optic barrels and revolver blasts but putting that aside. Was just watching the BlazBlue Continuum Shift game footages and wow. Hazama= Cheapness of V-13&Arakune Combined. Its' ridculous. But Tsubaki looks awesome. ( My new fav when it comes out )
Hazama isn't as strong as Bang and Litchi in CS.
a hahahahaha....who's the dominate one now huh? xP

yeah! GO Noel!