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I first thought why "はいてない" drawing a shimapan girl on the index (´・ω・`)
Not yes? It is not?
I thought she had shimapan on too, until I went to tag it.
there actually are striped panties on this picture, she's just not wearing them ^^
XD So there is, I didn't see them hanging up there
XD This one is full of things you don't see at first
Looks like there are actually two pair of striped panties in there
It should have been Mio from K-ON. That would fit even better. There's a good chance that that's where they got the idea in the first place. At least, the only other place that I've seen a striped bowl used to represent striped panties was K-ON.
"Oh, hi there honey! I thought you were cooking fish but I see it´s your panties"